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“Gardening is a great example of an activity that is creative, self directed and gets you into the flow.”

– Jan Johnsen in her blog Serenity in the Garden Sunday, April 27th “Getting in the ‘Flow’ by Gardening

Jan Johnsen is know for her understanding of the beneficial impact of gardens our our well-being. She shares this knowledge through her blog and in magazine articles; she is currently writing for Garden Design. She and her husband own Johnsen Landscapes & Pools in New York. She also teaches at Columbia University and the New York Botanical Gardens.

Design by Jan Johnsen

Design by Jan Johnsen

I just finished reading her recently released book Heaven is a Garden.  I loved this book and highly recommend it! It gives you a different perspective on design theory that incorporates modern science with history, ancient traditions and philosophies from around the world. One of my favorite parts is the section on trees and how they speak to us. I have always been drawn to trees and her thoughts resonated with me. There are beautiful photographs of gardens Jan has designed that help illustrate her ideas. She offers insight into how she creates a garden were you feel peaceful and in harmony with nature. She explains how placement, color, the use of natural elements set out in a specific way create a garden that induces serenity and calm.  Here is an enlightening interview that Nature Sacred did with Ms. Johnsen about her new book.

Heaven is a Garden by Jan Johnsen

Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection

 Happy Gardening!