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The long hours and demand for landscaping takes its toll, so today I am sharing some fun pictures of the sunny volunteers in my front garden. When I am supposed to be working, I often look out the window or sit on my porch. We get lots of birds migrating through Houston and I decided to be a little mini-mart for them starting last winter. I didn’t have a bird feeder so I just scattered seeds on my front path.  Some of the seeds made their way into the flower beds and sprouted. Although they are completely out of place, I couldn’t resist letting them grow. Now they are ripe and the birds are harvesting the seeds.



sunflower head

partially eaten sunflower head

sunflower in the trellis

Even in the little pot ear  flower beds.

Even in the little pot ear flower beds.

back of the sunflower head

hair on the sunflower

sunflower heads

Happy Gardening!