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I hope you had a good Father’s day. I was not going to post today because we did not have much success last week on our current project and yesterday we hosted a gathering at our house and I never got time to sit with the computer.

But then I got an email and want to share the story with you!
We did a landscaping design and install for a lovely young couple from Australia, in April. Just as we were about to begin Kelly had to go back to Australia because her father was gravely ill. He passed away while she was there and she stayed on to help sort his affairs and I think take some time to grieve. He husband, Howard, oversaw our work and Kelly and I exchanged many emails keeping her up with details, choices and progress. My heart went out to her and I could feel her grief even though we were talking about gardens. She even shared pictures of gardens she was visiting while in Australia. In one of the later emails Kelly asked about finding a place in their garden to plant some white roses in memory of her Father. I knew white roses mean innocence, purity, to honor, and remembrance. So I suggested we plant some white roses in the two urns on her front porch where they would get plenty of sun. I had decided that I wanted to give these roses as a gift. I have been frustrated this last month because I could not find the white roses I was looking for.  I had in mind an Earth-Kind white drift rose. On a whim, while placing an order last week, I asked a grower were I usually source natives and unusual plants if they had any white roses. I was told they did have some Rosa ‘Ducher’ roses but they were very small, not really ready,  and only about the size of a soccer ball. I read up on them and decided they would be perfect in a container and grow in to the urns nicely; hopefully to bloom in a few months. Just last Thursday we put them in there new home.

This morning I got an email from Kelly that brought a smile and tears! “Just wanted to let you know that both roses bloomed yesterday evening, US Father’s Day. It was a difficult day for me and this made me smile….so thank you very much 😊” And she sent me this picture. I do believe this is a little miracle and dear Kelly’s Dad sending his love!

Kelly's Memorial Rose

My own father passed away quite suddenly when I was forty and I miss him everyday. Father’s day is a memorial day for me! It is also a day of gratitude for being blessed with a wonderful father!