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“I always love learning from older gardeners who have lived a life producing fruits and vegetables.”  –  Greg Grant

Greg Grant is a horticulturist, naturalist, conservationist, garden writer, plant developer, and seventh-generation Texan from Arcadia,Texas. I am reading his new book TEXAS Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Plant, Grow, and Eat the Best Edibles for Texas Gardens
He also writes monthly in the blog from The Arbor Gate, a wonderful nursery in Tomball, his posts are called ‘Greg’s Ramblings’.
His newest book!

His newest book!

The back cover say – ” Growing in Texas isn’t easy. It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. The state ranges from a cold winter climate in the north to an almost tropical one in the south. And it goes from very alkaline limestone soils in the Hill country to extremely acidic soil in East teas.”

Here is a YouTube video of Greg Grant being interviewed on the T.V. show Central Texas Gardeners with host Tom Spencer.

When I first moved here from California via England : ) I was as much a stranger in a strange land in Houston as I was in London. There is nothing similar about the climate (or culture) of Southern California and the Gulf Coast of Texas. After buying a house in 1998 and planting my first spring garden in 1999, I had the rude awakening of all my annuals rotting in place when it rained every day that June.  That started me on the journey of learning to grow what works in my neighborhood in Houston. I spent a lot of time while walking or driving observing the plants in other peoples gardens. I talk to other gardeners when I got the chance. I couldn’t agree with Greg more that talking to folks around you and asking questions is the best way to find out what works in your area. His books have been a big help too and I love his blog!

Early last spring.

Early last spring.

We are working on our little 6×12 raised bed figuring out what works in our back garden. We have had great success with Swiss chard and basil. The trailing rosemary is a fixture on one end. This year the fennel is still growing and there are a few spring onions left. Our cabbages went to the bugs and the oregano tasted terrible. This weekend I am going to make some batches of pesto to freeze as the basil is going to seed. They bees have really been enjoying the flowers so we didn’t pinch them off. I have ordered garlic to plant in late September and I will let you know how that goes. I do wish we had room for more beds as this eating what you grow is so much fun!

Happy Gardening!