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“As the biocentric view suggests, the garden prospers when control is balanced
by equal measures of humility and benevolence. A balance is struck. Control,
servitude, respect, imagination, pragmatism, an ecological conscience, compliance, and a certain measure of mysticism and altruism all meld together to provide nurturance….Try to separate the various aspects into their constituent parts – grant any one of them the status of fundamental gardening definition and one soon skews the entire process. Put them back together again in the service of the two-way street called nurturance, and we express the state of grace called gardening.”
– Jim Nollman, Why We Garden: Cultivating a Sense of Place, 1994, p. 106. Our veggie bed!

Our veggie bed!

This is the second time I have shared a quote by Mr. Nollman. If you find this quote interesting you might want to read my first post. His thoughts intrigue me as I myself try to capture in words, to relay to you, my own thoughts on and about gardening. I am a very visual person and words don’t come easily to me.  Plants with their amazing colors, textures, shapes, scents and resilience overwhelm my senses and touch my soul. In all my years of gardening I don’t think I ever thought about why, it was just true! Since last year when I started this blog I have found the exercise of writing, has allowed me to delve deeper into myself, as I share my gardening world with you. Thank you for being such an appreciative audience! I come back, time and again, to Mr. Nollman’s book because he helps me think about gardens and gardening on a philosophical level. The words he uses that I connect with most are “state of grace”. I come closest to a state of grace when I am in a garden or gardening. It is when I feel the most connected to the universe. My love of plants has been my path to becoming passionate about protecting our whole planet, as well as working as a landscape designer. And this all gets back to the original premise of this blog. I do learn life’s lessons in the garden. Plants give me so much and I remain forever in awe of and gratitude for the huge roll they play in my life!

If we practiced the nurturance, that Mr. Nollman talks about, in all aspects of our lives, the world would be heaven on earth!

Happy Gardening!