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I love seeing blooms and bees in our garden here at Ravenscourt. I didn’t expect to see so many in January. Right outside our back door are three Matchstick bromeliads we bought from Treesearch Farms. They are actually waiting for a new home. In the meantime I have been enjoying watching the bees sipping on the nectar of the flowers.bees on brom 18I love the little bluish purple flowers on the hot pink stems. You can see how they got their name matchstick. bees on brom 20They sort of remind me of little crocus flowers. Not quite the 2016 PANTONE colors but just as complementary. PANTONE-Color-of-the-Year-2016-v5-2732x2048Shawn shot these photos with his phone. They bees were so busy drinking they let him get very close. You can even see its tongue which is more like a straw. The bee, collecting the nectar by drinking it, will then go back to the hive and pass on the nectar to a worker bee. They hold the nectar on their tongue until most of the moisture evaporates. In this more concentrated form, which we call honey, it will not spoil.bees on brom 17Matchstick bromeliads are about as low care a plant as you can get. They seem to do very well even in the ground here! Officially called Bromeliad matchstick, aechmea gamosepala. Here is a link to details on them at Plant Lust, a great plant database with pictures and important facts. They didn’t have a picture of this plant…maybe I can send them one. Ravenscourt Gardens Bees on bromeliad matchstick aechmea gamosepala. Now for some more bee poses! I love the light reflecting off its wings.bees on brom 15Shawn even did a video for you.

Another close up. This one is my favorite!bees on brom 16January has been beautiful at Ravenscourt Gardens with many things coming into bloom early. Still not past the chance of a hard freeze but it looks better and better everyday.

Don’t Worry BEE HAPPBEE!