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The Nature we are concerned with...

This rock is in the new family garden at The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

What took us to Austin the other week was a still photography class given by the Garden Writers Association at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The class was taught by Bruce Leander, who is a volunteer and photographer at the Center. His photographs appear regularly on the cover of Texas Gardener Magazine.  Much of the day was inside in a classroom setting, where we learned a bit more about taking pictures. Because we do all our own media I thought it was time Shawn and I learned more about photography.

blue mealy sage

During the middle of the day we had time to walk around the grounds. I was excited to see the newly opened, four and one half acre, Luci and Ian Family Garden which opened in early May this year. It is the only native plant garden, designed especially with families in mind, in Central Texas. It is beautiful and the children where having such a good time. I would love to bring my grandchildren there! On the path that leads to this new garden you walk through a little area with butterfly attracting flowers. I tried to get a good photo but it was too breezy. There where so many butterflies and the children were chasing them and squealing with delight.

Tall Grass Meadow at Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower CenterBlue mist flower with butterflies.

The Blue mealy sage was lovely in full bloom!

Blue mealy sage Gregg's mist flower

Then we headed into the Family Garden.

Luci and Ian's Family Garden

It is a teaching garden with the goal of connecting children to the world of nature. There are little pocket-areas focusing on different subjects: there are hills, nests, forests and mazes and even a archeological dig site. There were several volunteers there to answer questions. The center has over 400 volunteers that work very hard to keep the gardens tended and the center running smoothly.

dinosaur prints rain garden

Peaking into a natural habitat

mazestick forest

Path to the meadow at LBJ Wildflower CenterPath to the meadow at LBJ Wildflower Center

Yucca and cactus with flowers.California Poppy at LBJ Wildflower Center

And just as we were done for the day, the skies opened up, and Austin got some much needed rain!

Rain in Austin rain in the pond

Pouring rain in Austin

Quote by Lady Bird Johnson

 Happy Gardening!