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About six weeks ago I posted a photograph of a butterfly chrysalis I found on our Color Guard yucca.monarch chrysalisWe are pleased to announce a lovely Monarch has emerged from the chrysalis.empty chrysalis And here it is drying its wings. Monarch drying wingsLast February when I started blogging I wrote Making Room in Your Garden to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly. It is full of great information on Monarch’s and their plight. If you haven’t read it I hope you do. I feel blessed by this lovely anniversary gift as I complete my first year writing Ravenscourt Gardens Blog.She is getting lighter as her wet wings begin to dry.

She is getting lighter as her wet wings begin to dry.

We didn’t get to see her fly away but she did spend over a day drying out. This hanging basket gets the southern sun and the Monarch was well protected between the bars and the yucca leaves. IMG_6423Just this morning I was out in our back garden and I saw a Monarch flitting about the Milkweed. I wonder if it is the one from the porch we have been watching all these weeks. You know the years has been off to a rocky start here at Ravenscourt and it is the little things like watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis that helps me calm down and be centered. Life is truly a beautiful gift!

What might be signs of good news but to early to tell, a New York Times article, dated 27 January 2015, titled Mexico: Monarch Levels Rebound.  The World Wildlife Fund says that the numbers were up 69% over last year but still very low.

Happy Gardening!