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I pay attention to the weather so much more since becoming a landscape contractor. February seems to be our coldest month here in Houston or perhaps it seems so as we tire of the winter weather. Every morning this week has met the crew with temps in the low 30’s. I prefer cold to hot but the crew is the opposite. I enjoy February because in the gray misty mornings the daffodils and snowdrops stand out so clearly! I think about my friends in the snow and can’t even imagine how they are feeling as we slog through this last bit of winter!

IMG_0386 Mossy boulder with Snowdrops.A small bird twitters on a leafless spray,
Across the snow-waste breaks a gleam of gold:
What token can I give my friend to-day
But February blossoms, pure and cold?
Frail gifts from Nature’s half-reluctant hand…
I see the signs of spring about the land…
These chill snowdrops, fresh from wintry bowers,
Are the forerunners of a world of flowers.
~Sarah Doudney, “Snowdrops (Consolation),” c.1881

I watch these birds through my office window. The scatter when I walk outside. Today I took this photo through my 110 year old wavy glass.

Everyday I watch these little House sparrows through my office window. They always scatter when I walk outside, so today I took this photo to share with you through my 110 year old wavy glass.

The right of way with the first of 3 waves of daffodils by the big rock.

Our right of way strip with the first of 3 waves of daffodils by my big rock.

Stay Warm!