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Scilla Siberica Spring BeautyLast year I decided to plant more bulbs in the beds that are just inside my front fence. Just this week I noticed these tiny little blurs of blue as I walked down the front path. Upon closer inspection I saw that they were tiny bell shaped flowers among 3 to 6 inch leaves. I had to check my notes to see what they were. I am so happy I actually took the time to do a little diagram of what I planted where. These are Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty. Their common name is Siberian squill, Wood squill or Blue Bell. They are in the Asparagaceae family. I remember seeing the beautiful deep blue color in the online pictures from Easy to Grow Bulbs. They had me at deep blue flowers! What I had not expected was tiny elfin plants . They did not mention the size and I did not research them. I am not sure I would have bought them had I known but I am really happy I did! They are precious : )Scilla Siberica Spring BeautyI have such great success with everything I order from Easy to Grow Bulbs, so I always feel comfortable being adventurous. Now that I have done a bit more research I found these Scilla are know to be tough, cold hardy and low-maintenance. They usually have between 1 and 5 little deep blue, bell shaped, flowers that bloom in early spring shortly after Snow Drops. My Snow Drops are just barely blooming. As it turns out these are full grown and they are known to between 3 and 6 inches high. With the rye grass left long they are easy to miss in my bed. I am excited to find out that they naturalize easily by bulb offshoots and self-seeding.Scilla Siberica Spring BeautyTheir recommend use is in rock gardens and as a border plant. They also work well in mass plantings and drifts, especially in a woodland style garden. They are said to be capable of naturalizing in lawns much like crocus. There is a part of me that is always trying to replicate the lovely gardens I saw when I lived in and visited England. Even though they recommend zones 3-8,  I am hoping they will survive in my zone 9a garden. They go dormant during the summer and this bed drains very well, which will help.  They are a bulb you plant in the fall and these were planted in late September. They have not gone through one of our summers but that they are up and blooming makes me optimistic that they will return next year, especially since this bed is shaded in the afternoon. Scilla Siberica Spring BeautyHappy Gardening!