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On my walk this last Friday I began to notice huge spiders and lots of webs hanging from many of the homes along Harvard and Courtlandt. I am concerned that these giant spiders may be dangerous. I hope all the Trick or Treaters got home safely last night!20151030_095602This home had a few albino ones but mostly I just saw fuzzy black ones. 20151030_094914Perhaps they were attracted to all the fresh pumpkins that people are setting out?20151030_094157

If you have arachnophobia this post maybe too much for you!20151030_094420

You may enjoy the charming old homes and wonderful porches however!20151030_094429

Looks like they are making a nest on the furniture below.20151030_10063320151030_092317

This seems to be another variety that is even larger and I wonder if the orange coloring means it is poisonous. 20151030_092331

I am happy to say so far we have not had any on our porch. 20151030_093716

Some seem to be waiting to crawl in the front doors. 20151030_09494920151030_10045920151030_10034520151030_09570520151030_09483920151030_09444520151030_09404620151030_09391520151030_09385120151030_09341120151030_093401After a bit of research I found out that this appears to be a normal seasonal occurrence and nothing to be worried about!20151030_093336Selfie : )20151030_094551This was suppose to go out yesterday but time got away….so it will be my Day of the Dead post instead. Happy Gardening!